Crawler 3"X6' Tree saver

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You save $12.00
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Elevate your off-road recovery arsenal with Crawler Offroad's Traditional Style Tree Saver Strap — an essential addition to your off-road recovery kit. This 3" flat tree saver strap embodies simplicity and reliability, offering a must-have solution for safe and effective recoveries.

Key Features:

  • Must-Have Off-Road Essential: A fundamental item for any off-road recovery kit, providing versatile functionality.
  • Traditional 3" Flat Design: Time-tested and proven design for secure and reliable tree-saving applications.
  • Impressive Load Rating: Boasts a substantial Minimum Breaking Strength of 26,400 lbs, ensuring robust strength for various recovery scenarios.
  • Generous 6' Length: Offers ample length for flexibility in rigging, making it a versatile tool for off-road adventures.

Upgrade Your Recovery Gear with Crawler Offroad! 

Ready to enhance your recovery capabilities? Secure your Traditional Style Tree Saver Strap now and ensure you're well-equipped for safe and successful off-road recoveries.

Elevate your off-road experience with Crawler Offroad. Order yours today!

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  • Posted by Josh on Apr 9th 2020


    10' Tree Saver

    Good quality product used a few times and works great nice color and seems like it will last a long time.

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