Crawler 3/8" Winch Rope

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SWR3/8 - Orange
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You save $32.00
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Unleash the power of Crawler Offroad's 95' x 3/8" Synthetic Winch Line, meticulously crafted for the ultimate off-road experience. Engineered from high-strength UHMWPE, this winch line boasts an impressive 17,500# rating, ensuring it stands strong in the face of challenging terrains.

Key Features:

  • High-Strength Construction: Made from top-tier UHMWPE for unparalleled strength.
  • Impressive Load Capacity: Rated at a robust 17,500# for reliable performance.
  • Heat Resistant: Heat-rated up to 293 degrees Fahrenheit for durability under extreme conditions.
  • UV Protective Coating: Shields against the sun's harsh rays, enhancing longevity.
  • Anti-abrasion sleeve: Positioned on both ends, for protection against heat and abrasions.
  • Versatile Usage: Ideal for various off-road applications, providing dependable winching capabilities.

Upgrade Your Winching Game with Crawler Offroad! 

Ready to conquer the trails? Secure your synthetic winch line now and take your off-road adventures to new heights! 

Note: Synthetic winch ropes must use a hawse fairlead, not a roller-type fairlead, for optimal performance.

Make every winch count with Crawler Offroad. Order yours today! ?

    4 Reviews

  • Posted by Joseph on Jan 8th 2024


    3/8 synthetic rope

    Purchased this to replace my worn out and broken rope that came on my smittybilt whinch. This rope came quick and in time for a wheeling trip at rousch creek in pa, it put in some work that weekend and didn't let me or anyone i pulled down. It comes with two rub sleeve/covers which is awsome when you have multiple contact points on rocks!

  • Posted by Chad Mathis on Jan 7th 2024


    Crawler Winch Rope

    This is a great rope. I have been running on my Jeep for a few years now. Works great never let me down.

  • Posted by Trevor on Jan 7th 2024



    Can’t go wrong with a crawler synthetic winch rope. I got about 10’ more useful rope distance over my stock badlands steel cable. Easy to swap out and saves your hands from frayed steel cables when handling the rope.

  • Posted by Jason on Oct 24th 2021


    3/8 synthetic winch rope

    Replaced steel cable with this and lost 40lbs in weight! Used the Crawler Offroad synthetic winch line several times last week at WindRock park. It worked flawlessly and was so much easier to run line out than the steel cable was! 3 hard days of use and no frays, cuts or damage to be seen. Great stuff!

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