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Winch rope review from 8lug productions!

Short video comparison of 3 great american made kinetic recovery ropes.

The Crawler Offroad Kinetic Recovery Rope is an amazing tool to have in your recovery kit. I don't know how Crawler did it but even with pulling the same vehicle out four times with four different kinetic ropes, the Crawler rope was the smoothest on me as well as my vehicle. The construction is also a step above. The loops are big enough to get any kind of connection on and have enough rubber shielding to make you comfortable using it with hard or soft shackles as well as other attachment methods. The whole rope has a thick coating of UV and abrasion resistant material. At first i thought it was a bit thick, but in reality its probably better to keep your rope in the best condition for as long as possible. So far I have used my rope to pull everything from UTVs up to one ton pickup's with trailers. the rope hasn't let me down yet and I don't see it happening anytime soon. Zach Carlson with Redneck Rock Donkeys.

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