Monster Limit Straps - Set of 2

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$64.00 - $80.00
$64.00 - $80.00
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Please allow 4-5 week lead time on Monster Rigging orders as each rope is manufactured to order and will ship separately from the rest of your order!.

Set of 2

Protect your shock AND your axles with the 2" nylon Monster Limit Strap.

Each strap with steel buckles that have been zinc-plated for corrosion-resistance.

Minimum Tensile Strength: 9000 Lbs.

The Monster Limit Straps offer reduced stretch to protect against full extension.

Hardware is zinc-plated for corrosion-resistance

Strap lengths are measured from the center of the mounting holes.

Always choose a Monster Limit Strap 2" SHORTER than the full extended shock.

Because shock bolt sizes are different from one rig to another. We are updating the way to measure the Monster Limit Straps you need.

Best way to get measurements: (see picture)

  1. Jack up the vehicule until the wheels do not touch the ground
  2. Measure from pull point to pull point of the shock bolts
  3. Take 2" off

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