Soft Shackle Treesaver

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Soft shackle tree savers are a weight and space saving combination to 2 essential items. We took our 3/8" soft shackle design and extended them out to a 36" inside diameter so they could be used as a tree saver also.

Our soft shackles are made from the same rope used in our synthetic winch ropes. Soft shackles are not only safer than traditional steel shackles, they are lighter and even float!

They have rope guard around 95% of the unit to protect the rope from the bark.

They have a weight rating of 35,000 lbs.

We are currently only offering them in black with a black sheath.

While the fibers are stronger than steel they are susceptible to wear and cutting. Always inspect shackle before use for excess wear, cutting, or worn and frayed areas.